!Wow, very happy to have signed a deal with Bosphorus cymbals – fully funky 100% REAL handmade Turkish cymbals made in Turkey by Turkish cymbalsmiths .. and they sound sublimely superb-aliscious. Check sound clips online plus check the handmade process out on uTube its nuts, I love it!

Mark at Trojan distribution is such a lovely guy, a drummer too who has been in the biz decades – go see him at Drumshack in Battersea London. I am looking forward to meeting the bosses coz the Boss cymbals are made by Bosphorus. I will always remember hearing the best pair of hi-hats I have ever heard .. about 10yrs ago, they were Bosphorus Taditional series, no better sound. I should have bought them there and then but was with Z-other company and bla bla .. but I never forgot the Bos’ sound.


Company Overview

Bosphorus Cymbals became a global brand and a leading company because of the perfection of the product lines and revolutionary approaches to the production of traditional Turkish cymbals. Some of our product lines like Master Vintage Series™, described as “one of the most inspiring cymbals ever made” at some magazine reviews.

The manufacturing method of Bosphorus Cymbals is %100 Handmade. It means we are manufacturing cymbals only with the traditional method and without using any kind of technology like machines or computers. That is why Bosphorus Cymbals factory is looks like a old workshop instead of a big manufacturing facility. The factory has capacity to make 30 cymbals a day which means every single piece of our product is a limited edition product for global market.


Bosphorus, established in 1996 by three master cymbal smiths, Hasan Seker, Ibrahim Yakici and Hasan Ozdemir. They are called as Masters because they are the most experienced cymbal smiths in the world who are still working actively. The Masters started to work at a cymbal workshop in 1983 when they were 11-12 years old. At the beginning it was a summer time job but they loved what they have been doing and they decided to quit the school and continue working. Their teachers were Mehmet Tamdeger and Agop Tomurcuk who were also the owners of the workshop. During their service for that company for 16 years, they have learned everything and became master cymbal smiths. Even during that period they were being noticed by the visitors with their fine work.

They quit from the company after 16 years because of some disagreements with their bosses and established their own company. But even today they have good relationships with their former employers. Masters never gave up showing respect to their teachers.

Today our company has 21 employers and 8 of them is being trained since the first day and became master cymbal smiths. The rest of our team are still in training period to be a master. The Masters are still working in the workshop with their employers and guiding them to create the perfect cymbals with their 30 years of experience.