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dRum for your life!
Everyone is welcome we’ll do stuff tailored to individual interests & aims, it will be fun. Play to just play, to improve, for grades or for your band’s live and studio playing. Tuition is relaxed and friendly and the studio is fully equipped. I have taught privately and for county music services for 20+ yrs. Feel free to message me with any query, thanks.
iN-TUiTiON Provides
a relaxed supportive learning environment
structured, constructive progressive lessons
focus & dedication to your musical development
tailored tuition designed around you the individual
learning proper technique for use in ALL music styles
guidance on being in a band, playing with other musicians
guidance on gigging, recording, touring, TV, radio & Theatre etc



beats, fills, music play-alongs, hand technique, independence, co-ordination.


beats, fills, rudiments, Moeller technique, timekeeping and feel, play-alongs, reading, Rockschool grades (if you want) learning & playing to your choice of music, an introduction to various styles of music.


creativity, originality, advanced grades, Moeller technique, time, feel, advanced studies into ‘world’ styles and jazz, tips on live and studio playing and music business advice..