so the month of May will always be about the 23rd of May the day my bellissima Mother, mama mia sadly passed away .. more in a sec..

For now I remind myself to celebrate my life an others, my Mrs my step daughter Gaia .. two phenomenal people with whom I am lucky to share laughter every day with them. I have know my Jacqui since I was 7 yrs old and she caught me at kiss chase in school. We went out together for 5 yrs when we were 18.. between the ages of 23 and 38 we didn’t speak. Cut to now .. we been together 12yrs? wow. Engaged even WOW!

We got engaged in my mother’s hospital room with her as witness and the vicar giving us his blessing (fully garbed in black robe) – My mum went into hospital Feb 22 and died May 23rd. I am eternally gratefull to her as she gave me my life and livelyhood.. she found me drum lessons aged 11, I have not stopped playing since. I love my mum beyond the end of time and space.