CoViDA Loca 19

Jeeeeez! No live playing since March and no teaching either…. end of the world!

Fortunately I have been teaching online and driving for a Pharmacy to help make the ends meet! Gotta do what ya gotta do right?!

I was supposed to be gigging in China Jan 5th 2020 (actually in Wuhan then it got moved to Beijing due to the then epidemic) but ‘fortunately” I hurt my knee cycling in December, so I depped out the gig. It was for a mega Disney like company – a function in effect. Six minutes of music and one whole week away!!

Covid -19: I am telling myself to keep the faith, move in any direction .. find ways to make money, keep calm, keep practicing and do deals on remote sessions. Message me if you are inspired with ideas!

It might be the slow end of the world but I refuse to succumb to mind games we humans are succeptable to. I must not be led by my mind, its gonna get you down! We are alive and breathing – we are lucky we have shelter, food and water. I am grateful everyday.

Meanwhile if you’re still reading this try out some fantastic lessons with me and I will improve your playing!

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