Dear John,

If you can hear me

We shared pure joy through music. Jamming with you every week at your house just keyboards and drums, you letting me be myself as we played for hours. You were around 40 yrs young I was a teenager, 16 yr old drummer in awe of your Joe Zawinul like vibe .. you were so easy going, so positive yet laid back. Much love to you. RiP and freedom

With you I found out about making music happen, improvised music, feelings, emotions, power, energy, delicateness, gentleness – listening, sharing, giving and taking, leading and being led, much laughter, banality, freedom, trust .. supporting, directing and letting go.

There was always an energy in the room when we played – 2 souls meeting and exchanging in a way that only music can show .. it was always a journey playing with you, like traveling, really traveling to other worlds … we would often go so far off the established track and discover new places. I was always in awe of what we found, it was always together, never any one persons credit, always ‘we’.

When I started bringing a friend or 2 over to play they would often start to jam in the ‘conventional” way. Whereas we’d already established that one does not force things .. one does not just start playing “jam in E” .. we’d let’s the music come out of nowhere, just letting it happen by itself from a seed, tiny unshaped seed, following its lead, its growth never ‘trying’ but just “letting” – inevitably the crazy form , melodic rhythmic ideas and expressiveness were like an unstoppable out of control yet perfectly controlled night express train with wings on its way to oblivion – but we always brought it back into the station to rest at the end of the natural line. It often left us kinda mesmerized .

So many Revox 4 track reel to reel recordings were made & transferred to cassette.. And how many laughs at what we all created – and pride, pride that we could create some crazy stuff out of nothing without even trying.

I owe you John – you taught me so much without ever trying to. You were and are a rare treasure for me and I am eternally grateful.

My sincere condolences to your friends and family.

Rest in peace my dear brother, love always, Pascal Consoli.